Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Betty, my Muse and one of my daughter's all time favorite

Several years ago I wanted to make a doll for my daughter and the vision of a mouse just came to me. Berry Mice Creations was made atop my kitchen table with pattern, buttons and fabric covered with cookie crumbs and bits of cake I'd brush aside to put the pieces together. When the doll was finally finished I felt it needed a story, a "reason or explanation", so I wrote it:

"Long ago and far away there was a beautiful kingdom where butterflies flew;
The mice lived happy and free, the sun always shined over meadows and creeks;
The days were warm, the evenings were cool, a perfect spot where berries grew.

But there came a day when all that would change;
A big, mean cat proclaimed his domain!
The clouds rolled in, the rain mixed with the tears that suddenly fell.

Gone were the flowers, gone was the mirth;
The mice knew they must go
To find fresh meadows and rivers that'd flow.

Everyone gathered at the berry patch to sadly say their good-byes;
As they left their once happy kingdom
They each picked a berry to cherish forever.

That was long ago and far away;
The tears have dried, here we are today;
Together we'll laugh and enjoy Berry Mice days!"

Years went by and after many wonderful adventures, Berry Mice was forgotten under the ever growing pile that clutters my studio. That is until just the other day, when I was struck by the wish to bring them back.

As I look at their silly, imperfect faces, their droopy whiskers and lop sided ears I remember when we held tea parties, gathered flowers in the garden, went for walks on the beach. I remember my little girl's sweet face, her fragile hand in mine and realize Berry Mice Creations is much more than a mouse, but a part of an absolutely magical and delightful world, the world of innocence and make-believe...


  1. Your workmanship is beautiful!!! and these little characters have so much personality!!!

  2. Gwen, it's very special to get such comments from artist such as you. Thank you!

  3. remind me a little of the Wombles...... gorgeous Alina.